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Cardiff Public School Parents and citizens association

Cardiff Public School P&C Association is focused on providing additional assistance to the schools students along with social activities, which help to connect our school community.

It is the efforts of elected executive, coordinators and helpers who volunteer their time that we can provide the following additional services to the school:


Provides a useful service to the school with lunches, snacks, fruit, drinks, ice-blocks and catering for events and school functions.

Craft group stalls

Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas Stalls provide a great opportunity for the schools children to shop as well as raising useful funds for the school. The craft group also provides raffle prize acquisition and presentation.

Uniform shop

Open on Tuesday morning, from 8:45am to 9:30am, it provides quality uniforms for students and helps upkeep a tidy dress code across the school.

Social Events and fundraising

Events such as Discos, Mother's Morning Tea, Father's Breakfast, Catering for Care Picnic, Raffles and Entertainment Book Drive.

By providing these services the P&C helps to provide additional learning resources and funds for use in supporting the children. It also brings our school community together through social events.

All are welcome and encouraged to help or participate in the P&C. Details of meetings and our activities are in the school's weekly newsletter.

P&C Meetings are held in school staff room every second Tuesday of the month at 7pm (except school holidays)